Savannah River Baptist Church

Choosing a Church

Many people have a rather self-centered approach to finding a church that suits them. They look at the programs of the church or how the church makes them feel or can they fit in. Choosing a church should not begin with “Do I like this church?,” but “Does this church please God?”  There are two primary reasons why we go to church: to sincerely worship the Lord and to heartily receive God’s Word. In light of these two reasons, let me give you a couple helpful truths to keep in mind when choosing which church to join.

Does this church preach and teach the whole counsel of God? Before looking to see if a church has this program or that program, be sure that they are preaching, teaching, and practicing the entire Word of God. The Apostle Paul told the Ephesian church in Acts 20:27, “I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” Ask yourself, “Does this church teach from all 66 books of the Bible or just a select few?” “Are there consistent references to the Bible?” “Does the pastor support what he is saying with Scripture?” “Is this God’s Word or man’s opinion?” “Does the pastor preach from his Bible and does he encourage everyone at the church to bring their Bibles?” A church may have a wonderful program, but if they have little regard for God’s Word, it not worth your time. Of all places, church should be a place where there is an obvious love and reverence for God’s Word.

As Christians, we must make careful, Spirit-guided decisions about where we and our families will worship the Lord. It does matter, and it will have a definite influence on your life and your family’s life. When we use God’ Word as our guide to selecting a church, we can say with  David in Psalm 119:30, “I have chosen the way of truth…”