Savannah River Baptist Church

Fellowship = Fruitfulness


SRBC believes in biblical fellowship. Fellowship is a vital spiritual ingredient, and without it no Christian can be productive for Jesus Christ. We can gain fellowship through uplifting conversation after a church service, a home Bible study, over a meal, or with a cup of coffee. Fellowship can never happen by isolating yourself from other believers. The result of true
fellowship, no matter the place or event, is that Jesus Christ is glorified and we are edified. There are some types of trees that never reach their full fruit-bearing potential unless they are planted by similar types of trees. Many Christians are unfruitful, simply because they have not “planted themselves” in biblical fellowship.  God never intended for you to be a “lone ranger” Christian. This spring as you plant flowers or trees, be sure that you are planting yourself around other believers that can help you produce fruit for Christ.  “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear
much fruit
…” (John 15:8)