Savannah River Baptist Church

Free from Sin

A prisoner of war is subject to the cruel treatment of the enemy.  Verbal abuse, beatings, unsanitary living conditions, malnutrition, and dehydration are but few things that a P.O.W. faces. Imagine a soldier who is in this kind of terrible situation. As far as he knows, there is no hope of escape. But what he doesn’t know is that a rescue mission is about to take place. In an instant, a soldier breaks in the door of his small cell, releasing him from prison. “Let’s get out of here!” the liberator commands. The P.O.W. doesn’t move. “You know, this place really isn’t that bad after all,” says the captive, “In fact, I’ve made a lot of new friends here.  I know you went to a lot of trouble to come out here, but I think I’ll just stick around a while longer.” What an insult to the one who was laying down his own life to save him from captivity! Many Christians respond to Christ the same way by refusing to give up a certain sin or habit in their life. Romans 6:17 says, “But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin…” As a believer in Christ, you’ve been set free from sin. Any sin? All sin! The door is open, and the chains are gone!