Savannah River Baptist Church

Give Thanks

CHRISTIANS SHOULD BE the most thankful people on the planet. After all, we have been given the most precious treasure anyone could possess: eternal life. I have taken a few moments this week to reflect upon God’s goodness in my own personal life. This list only scratches the surface of all that I am thankful for…
My Savior, the Word of God, my amazing wife: Rachel, 3 awesome kids: Caleb, Lydia, & Luke, loving church family, godly friends, physical health, 5 working senses, modern technology, three meals each day (plus snacks), clothes, vehicles for transportation, United States of America, godly pastors in my life, Bible-believing churches across America, comfortable home to live in, Christ-honoring music, forgiveness, education, ect.

Let me encourage all of you to take a moment and marvel at the goodness of God in your own life this Thanksgiving week.