Savannah River Baptist Church

Spiritually Waterlogged

I was on our back patio preparing the wood to grill some chicken for dinner.  Usually I have no problem starting the fire, but on this particular day, I was unsuccessful. Five minutes turned into ten, and ten minutes turned into twenty. I couldn’t figure it out. I had started dozens of fires (after all, I was a boy scout). Then I remembered… A few days prior, we had a heavy downpour.

On the outside, the wood seemed ideal for a fire, but obviously something wasn’t right on the inside. Sometimes we, as Christians, can become like those pieces of firewood. Outwardly, we look like an ideal Christian. We’re religious, moral, and a good neighbor. But on the inside there is sin that hinders God from using us. Pride, bitterness, envy, and self-righteousness are all things that causes us to become spiritually waterlogged. It’s not until the inside is made right can God use us for His purposes.